My thoughts are scattered in all directions. Trying to bring them into a channel seems a difficult task. My daughter thinks I can write very well and she created this blog for me ages ago to fill. I am sure only she thinks I can write! 🙂

Yes, it is true I helped out in her school projects, debates, and essays till she reached her 9th grade. But after that she has soared off on her own and writes a great blog. (here is a link:  The world in my eyes). To her, still looking at me with her child’s eyes, I can write. Sure, given a topic may be I can pull off a decent essay, but I can’t turn a verse even if my life depended on it :D.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved books. My sister and I inherited a great love for language from my dad. I remember vividly that our summer holidays were centered around the library. Almost everyday, we used to wait outside the library doors waiting for them to be opened! Ours was a humble city central library inside our colony and did not have a great deal of books. But in our eyes it was a veritable heaven. It had books that grew with us. We had Noddy, Famous Five series, Amar chitra katha when we were kids, then it stocked Nancy drew and Hardy boys as we grew older. Then when we were older, our library stocked all the classics for us to devour, Dickens, Bronte and Conan Doyle. I seem to remember that as we moved to other books, the older ones seemed to disappear from the shelves. It was as if, the library only stocked books that we liked to read at that time. That sounds ridiculous but so true. My love for libraries is still alive. I hope it will never die.

Writing a blog seems a big task for me. After my daughter insisted I try, you find me sitting here, racking my brains for something intelligent to say. I am getting a lot of ideas to talk about but nothing concrete to go on. May be, as I continue, the creative gods will show mercy on me and the juices will flow.

 Lets see where this journey will take me.