I am sitting in front of the telly watching a show with my kids. There is an ad break, I am about to get up and do something useful, just as a new ad catches my eye. I sit back down and watch it. There is a fashionable lady, a basketball player and a white-collar executive all talking about their lifestyle and all of them seem to be talking to someone. At the end we realise they are talking to a pair of spectacles that match their personality. The ad is for a popular brand of spectacles.

I hear all of you saying, what is wrong with that? I have no objection the ad per se. I have a bone to pick about the depiction of the characters of the ad. The lady is shown at a bar, telling the spectacles that she will take the pair home with her because it matches her sense of fashion. The executive and the sportsperson are telling that their pair match their sense of work ethic. They both are male.

Do you see where I going with this? The ad basically says, women can choose their brand because it is sexy and fashionable and the men choose it for its sturdiness and no-nonsense, wearability. The ad says “Women are fit for frivolous activities and men are the go-getters and do important activities”

That sets me thinking, all ads whether in print media or audio visual depict women in a demeaning way even at this time and age. This is the time when women are blazing a trail in every field of life. You find them washing clothes, cleaning toilets, ย wearing trendy clothes and of course using all kinds of creams and lotions. The men meanwhile are doing adventures , sports, and corporate work. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against men doing highly successful activities. I draw a line at depicting women as NOT doing the same, when the real world is exactly opposite. We have our ladies heading banking sectors, soft drink giants and what have you. In fact, the pride of our entire nation has been salvaged by only ladies at the recently concluded Rio Olympics.

Our women are our pride. They must be given their due. It is high time. Enough is enough. Get up girls and ride the wave of success and break that glass ceiling of stereotype.