Its a new year today. A new dawn full of new possibilities. Happy New Year to all of you dear readers (a small handful 😉 )

I have signed up to do a blog-a-thon. It is basically a commitment to write something everyday for the whole month starting today. I have not been a regular writer so far. Here’s hoping I will be able to complete the challenge I made with my self. 🙂

In all the flurry of new year messages I got on my phone today, one message stood out. It simply said:

Life is all about balance, what to let go and what to hold on to

This got me thinking. Everyday we make this choice, subconsciously.  When we get up in the morning, we choose how the day will start. If we start by remembering all the things that went wrong yesterday, our day starts on a low. If we start the day looking forward to the possibilities of the new day, the day starts on a high note. Everyday starts in the same manner. Sometimes a cold morning, sometimes with bright sunshine streaming down, sometimes foggy, sometimes cloudy, and sometimes rainy, but basically the same, with the same number of hours, same routine, same familiar faces and same deadlines.

The possibilities are endless everyday. But our choices make the start of the day good or bad. It does not take a lot to make a day go from bad to good or even good to great. Its all about choices.

Choose to let go of yesterday’s

  • anger, failures, fights, misunderstandings, disappointments, pain, regrets

Hold on to yesterday’s

  • hopes, memories (only those that make you happy), promises that were made

Start the day with a smile. Choose to smile even when faced with daunting circumstances. I have experienced that a smile really goes a long way in solving at least some of the difficulties.

Finding a balance in life is the key to be happy. Every day can become the start of something exciting and new.

Here’s hoping everyday of this new year will be new, fresh and adventurous to all of us