Okay! I admit I miss helping my kids with their projects.

Both have completed their school years and so there are no more projects. These used to take up a lot of time and creativity. When they were very young, I did most of their projects. But as they grew up, my contribution would be limited to ideas, procurement of required material and the front page design (in case it was a written assignment).

Every subject would require a project, every alternate month. So you can imagine the amount of time needed to do them. Some of these would be group projects and some individual. All of them would involve some writing work, and finding the content would be a part of my contribution. I liked this part. I learnt quite a few new things while researching for them. I would then filter the information to include the topics relevant to their standard. But as they grew up, they found the content themselves.

We did so many projects between the two of them that I have forgotten a lot. But some of them are very fresh in my memory. One was an English project on the ‘Romanticism in english literature’. For this daughter and I spent hours finding material from poets like Wordsworth, Shelly and Blake and designing a large poster in the form of a book. That was fun.

Another project was one we did about platonic solids in Mathematics. These are three dimensional geometric figures that are constructed by congruent, regular polygonal faces with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex. There are five solids that meet this criteria, tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. I remember it was a group project and my daughter was asked to make an icosahedron which has twenty faces. The group had a collective ‘brilliant’ idea to make giant figures of the solids and place them on a huge chart paper and make it look like an amusement park.

I got the net of the icosahedron, but that made a tiny 3D figure when glued together. So to make a giant one, I stuck two or three thick papers together and painstakingly drew the net on it with exact angles and faces and then stuck them all together to make a huge icosahedron. That is not the end of the story! Then daughter brought home all the giant solids made by her group members and then we proceeded to make the giant amusement park. It took up the whole dining table! Taking it to the school in the car was another story altogether.  It was good fun, in hindsight! 🙂

I have made many front pages for all their written projects. I bought a book having many different fonts of the alphabet to do them. The rule in their school was, everything to be handwritten and not printed. The girls wrote out their contents and I did their fancy front pages. Here are a few front pages I made. Call me vain, but I am proud of them! ;D

Yeah, now all that is over. And I sometimes miss those projects……