Have you been to exhibitions? Have you seen those salesmen demonstrate new gadgets to cut vegetables faster, finer and thinner?

I like to go to exhibitions. In our city, there is a popular one that comes twice in a year. I try to go at least once, just to see if I can catch any bargain stuff. I mostly avoid these kitchen gadget kiosks. But one month ago, I got pulled into this vortex! The fellow used a simple looking implement that had five blades and could cut anything so well, that I was impressed.

I am a cautious buyer. I had been conned once. I saw a fellow use a simple plastic contraption that made chaklis so well. It was so mush easier than the traditional brass one. I got it home and for the life of me, I could not figure out how to use it!! That was a waste of money.

So now, I told the salesman, I would use this cutter myself on his vegetables and see for myself. I did and was suitably impressed and bought them not just for me but also for my sister and sisters-in-law.

I have been using this for a month now. It is quite nice. I have used it for cutting carrots, potatoes, onions, bhindi, beans. The hard vegetables like carrots and onions require a nit more pressure than softer vegies. The ease of use is amazing, see for yourself.


Then about two weeks ago, I started having a pain in my right elbow. I thought it was a sprain and applied ice packs. The pain subsided and came back. I went to the doc and he tested my elbow and pronounced,

“You have tennis elbow”

I have never played tennis, now I have a tennis elbow!! I have to now wear a belt for a month. I googled and found that tennis elbow is muscle tear.

Then a friend came to visit and told me that such scissor like repetitive motion causes tennis elbow, for example the lid of hawkins cooker etc, where there is extra pressure on the wrist and subsequently the muscles in the elbow.

I threw out the evil contraption immediately!

So, dear readers, please avoid buying any implement that uses such scissor like movement and be safe!

Lesson to self: Avoid looking for implements to make kitchen work easy. Do the cutting, chopping, slicing, peeling and everything in between in the old fashioned way. Better late than injured.

Pain is reduced now. But this belt is on for a month!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shashi says:

    Oh no! Such an innocuous looking thing can cause such harm…didn’t know at all. Thanks for sharing this info and hope you get well soon.


  2. Vani says:

    Oh! that was the reason for tennis elbow??!! Avoid going to exhibitions.. very rarely in my experience do we get something really good and useful at such places


  3. Sadhuvi says:

    Take care and thanks for sharing this information…


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