The ideas of my blog come from my personal experiences. I have seen many blogs that are fictional. I love to read them. I like a good story.

I am a great story teller. Or so my kids say! I can make a story come alive with dialogues, expressions and jokes. But the catch is, these are not my own stories. These are stories already told. So I am a good story re-teller! (if there is such a word).

Of course I can make up tiny stories to amuse very young kids. But I can never think up a story that will spark an interest in an adult. These require a hero and/or heroine, a nice plot, a suitable ending and all of that.

Many a times I get this random thought, whenever I see people as I wait at the red light or in a bus stop or while travelling in a train etc. I think of all the lives of these strangers, of all their troubles, joys, pain, dreams, and dilemmas.

I marvel at God who wrote so many stories. One for each human on this planet. Not one resembling another. Each as unique as the human living it. If you are a believer of the Karma theory, then think of all the connections that God has to forge to make these people meet each other and their stories to merge and diverge. It is mind boggling to imagine the kind of database that He must be managing.

It is a marvel indeed.