We all think we are very strong in resisting urges and controlling them. But all of us will have that one small thing that we can never resist. That one weakness that we give in to, in an instant, at any point of time. Especially when it comes to food.

I am no different. I am a vegetarian and proud of it. I like all kinds of food and like to experiment sometimes. I am a home food lover. But I do enjoy an outing, mainly because it will get me out of cooking! 🙂

I am not a junk food fan. I do indulge in them sometimes. Though I like pizzas, sandwiches, and such other junk food, I don’t crave for them. I can easily forgo these. I am not a big cake, muffin, doughnut person either.

But there is one junk food that I simply cannot resist. If these are available, I will find space in my stomach even if I am full! I just love these tiny, crispy, salty, spicy, fried delight that are potato chips! I can eat these at any time of the day.

I do not crave for them, but if they are in front of me, then I can’t stop. I just love them. I like them any way, salty, spicy, big, small, branded or from a local hot chips joint. Bring it on. I just can’t stop at one, or two, or three, or…………. at all!!!

I know I must not eat them. But I just can’t resist them.

What is your weakness? What is that one thing that you just cannot resist at all?

Or are you all great achievers who do not have any such Achilles heel?