If you have grown up in the 80s then you would have seen one of these “sofa-cum-bed” contraptions in your own or of one of the neighbour’s home.

These would come in different colours, but essentially the same design. They would be enough to seat about 4 people, no hand rest, with springs both on the seat and the back rest. There would be some type of foam fixed on to the springs hidden inside. Both the seat and the back rest would bulge out in a semi circle sort of way. The whole structure would be supported by iron rods running behind. These could be manipulated to make the back rest to be made flat out and so magically the “sofa” would become a “bed”.

The sofa was NEVER comfortable.  The springs would bore into you all the time. The bed would be a nightmare. The two semi circles of the seat and the back rest would meet in the middle, in the valley of both, in a straight line. Imagine sleeping on one such bed. Apart from nightmares, you can easily get a backache!

I used to HATE these! Luckily my parents never bought this.

Imagine my plight when I found one such thing in my husband’s house as soon as I landed there as a new bride. It was horrible. I told my husband that I loathed this contraption and he was “hey! this is quite new. We can’t just throw it away”.

And so I put up with it.

When my daughter was born, she learnt to climb up on it and then learnt a new trick of peeing on it. Oh! I forgot to tell you, these contraptions have a rexine covering. They are non-absorbing material. So any liquid would simply run off!!!

But ours had a cloth cover, so all the “waterings” that happened just stayed there!!! 🙂

When the husband used to come back from office and would try and sit on it, I would say “sit a little away, that portion is wet… no, no, it is wet there too, ..no, there also….. it is clear at the end today”

Two years later, a second one joined her akka and continued the good work!!!!

Slowly, ever so slowly the sofa-cum-bed could not withstand the onslaught!!! and finally gave way and I gladly threw it away!!!

Haha. I won.