We live on the 3rd floor of our apartment. My balcony spans 180 degrees and goes from east in one corner to north in the other. Since there are no other apartments in front of my balcony, I have a clear view of the horizon. I can see the sun rising in the east everyday (unless there is a cloud). Hence the name of my blog. My balcony is my place of peace.

I have a cane jhoola installed there together with cushions. I also have a potted tulasi plant. Recently I added a rose and another flowering plant whose name I don’t know, to my collection. Early morning sunlight bathes my balcony. It is heavenly. Once the sun has risen, and traveled up on the sky, there is shade in the balcony.

Mysore weather is conducive to sitting in the balcony all year round. The evenings are especially charming. The cool breeze, the birds returning to their nests and a cup of hot drink is enough to remove all stress of the day. Don’t you agree?

Monsoon as you know brings clouds from the south. Sitting in the balcony during this season, you can clearly see the black, rain bearing clouds move from the south and rush off north to other parts of India. It is sight that can be only be seen and felt to be experienced. It just cannot be described in words.

The night brings the moon on the horizon. It is really calming to watch a full moon turn from light orange, to yellow to white. On moonless nights, the sky is lit up with stars. Of course the city lights prevent the experience to be as spectacular as expected. But still it is better than most.

I hope the balcony will always have the view and my daily dose of nature is always ensured.