I am sitting in a comfortable seat. There is no one to talk to and I sit in a warm silence, content and happy. Random thoughts flit through my mind.

I quit working after my daughter was born. It was a natural decision. No one forced me to do it. I chose to do it. I am glad of the results. Both my daughters have grown up to be responsible, caring and loving.

Being a home maker is a full time job. I just hate it when people demean it as “house wife”. She is NOT married to the HOUSE. She chooses to make a home.

I see so many career women who manage their family and work so well. I really admire them.

But I do see these incredible ladies having “mom guilt”. It is that nagging guilt that plagues all working mothers that they are not giving enough time to their little ones. These ladies are capable of moving mountains. They juggle their work and home with an ease of a circus juggler.

The lunches are done in time, the school bags are packed, the school projects are complete, the uniforms are pressed, the home is clean, the laundry is done, and yet they feel that they are inadequate.



Is it wrong to love your job and wanting to go out to do it?

Why does a mom have to make a choice between job and family? And if she wants to do both, then why are both the responsibilities hers alone?

Why is it only a “mom’s” duty to make these lunches and projects and laundry?

Why does a woman feel guilty if she has to go out for a few days on an official trip? A dad never feels that. If he has to go on an official tour, well, he has to. That’s it.

Why does she feel insufficient and ineffective if the house is left messy at the end of the day?

Why does a man NEVER have to choose between a job and family?

Why don’t fathers feel a “dad’s guilt”?



I have no answer.


Women of the world, forming half the population of the world, and giving birth to the other half, have come a long way. But in spite of all the great strides that women have taken, still have a long way to go.

Women, in my eyes are super heroes, capable of just about anything.