One activity that gives me a lot of pleasure is driving. Two wheeler or Four, I don’t mind.

I bought my first moped way back in 1994 or 1995. Mind you, when I bought it, I had no idea how to ride a bicycle let alone a motor vehicle!! 😀

When I was a kid, I wanted to learn to ride a bicycle. I asked my dad to buy me one. He told me to first learn to ride on a rented cycle. Those days we would get cycles on hourly rent of 10 paise! I did not like the idea of going to the cycle shop and getting one. I thought it was down market! So I told my dad to get me a new one, I would learn on that. He said “Learn first, then I will buy”. I said “First buy then I will learn”

Both of us stood on our respective grounds. But the fallout of this ego clash was that I did not learn to cycle!

When I started my first job, the bus timings did not match my work hours. So on the recommendation of a colleague I bought a TVS Champ. Another friend promised to teach me to ride. This great gal got rode my bike home from the showroom. She painstakingly taught me to ride. I must have been a trial, but she did not once get angry or impatient. I owe my driving pleasure entirely to her. Hats off SM!

When we purchased a car about 9 years ago, I promptly went to a driving school to learn. Since then I have been driving. I use the car more than the scooty now (yes, we shifted to scooty from champ). Most of my driving is because I am doing chores. But I just enjoy the drive and don’t mind the chores.

IPleasant  weather, music of my choice, not much traffic on an open road…..Ahhh! I am happy……………