You need a cab? – grab your phone and call it

You have to find a shop? – see the map online and find your route

You need to talk to people? – text them

You need info for some project? – google it. (Ever wonder how “google” is both a noun and a verb?)

You need groceries? flowers? vegetables? – order them online

You need to learn a new skill? – find a video on YouTube to learn from 

You need to do banking? – open the app

You need latest fashion? – find it on the web

You need latest news? – see the innumerable news websites

Anything that is something important for your life, it is on the net. The life now is unimaginable without the world wide web.

You can do all this without once talking to another human. Its as if each of us live in our own private bubble of isolation. Everyone oblivious of the other.

I suppose the generation that is born now will never need to speak to or even see another human!

That is a scary scenario for me.

This new gen will turn out to be freaks and will lead the world into a chaos. After all what are we without our parents, teachers, siblings, friends, neighbours, grandparents.

We were taught in school that “Man is a social animal”. He/She requires a touch of another human all his/her life. Being lonely will become the major ailment of the new generation if we don’t take care.

Think if there was no interaction with

  • siblings – how will we learn to share?
  • teachers – how will we learn to teach the generation after us?
  • neighbours – how will we learn empathy?
  • colleagues – how will we become team players?
  • grandparents – how will we be sympathetic to our parents when they grow old?
  • shopkeepers, vendors,  and all other sundry – how will we remember to communicate with them when necessary?
  • friends – who will you fall back on, in times of need?

I see so many youngsters who sit together at a table in a restaurant, but each is busy with their phones. They are talking/texting to someone who is not there.

Please people, get off the net and meet real people and forge new friendships and strengthen old ones.

After all, when time comes (and it will, never fear), all those so called “followers” or “facebook friends” will not turn up to help.