When we were kids, we used to play such simple games. Every evening from 4.30 to 7 pm used to be our playtime. There used to be a small garden in our house where we played. I remember some games. They may be called by different names now, but most are lost to the kids today.

  • Lagori – this was a team game (no restriction for number of players). All players are divided into 2 teams. There are 7 flat stones to be placed on top of one another. One team tries to place them in order while the other will try and hit them with a ball. It used to be a noisy, fun and extremely fast paced. We all would get gloriously dirty! 🙂
  • Hopscotch – other wise called “kunte bille” in kannada. There were many varieties of this game. All you needed was a flat stone. That’s it. Draw out a pattern in the ground. Then hop and push the flat stone from one “house” to another “house” without putting your leg down or stepping on the lines. This game used to be our favourite. There were 4 house, aeroplane, 8 house varieties of the game. There was also a catching game, where the catcher has to hop around to catch the other players.
  • I forget the name of this game but all players stand inside a circle. The catcher is outside. He has to hit the players with the ball but only below the knee. The one who gets hit is the next catcher.
  • Marbles – this classic game had many varieties. But we had fun with them
  • Chain – this game was basically a running and catching game, but if the catcher is about to catch a person, another can “rescue” the team member by holding his hand, but now they have to run together.
  • Crococile game – For this game your need nothing! Just draw two parallel lines. The catcher is a crocodile in the river, standing in the river (the two lines that are drawn). Now all players stand on one side of the river. The crocodile is asked “colour colour what colour do you choose?” then the crocodile picks a colour. If any player has worn that colour on his/her dress then he/she is allowed to cross the river in safety. All others have to run across. If the crocodile catches you, then you are the next crocodile.
  • Hide and seek – the classical game of hide and seek was always a favourite.
  • Skipping rope – This was also a popular game with us.

Now a days our kids have no such opportunity for playing such games.

Times were simpler then………