Republic Day!

Happy Republic Day to all!!!


This is the 68th republic day of our dear country.

For me this day’s highlight is watching the republic day parade on the television. The marching of the different battalions of the army, navy and airforce in precision down the Rajpath in New Delhi is just festival for the eyes. The impeccable uniforms, the proudly held heads, the arms moving in unison, the music of each marching contingent is just delightful.

The salute on behalf of the entire nation to the fallen soldiers at the India Gate where the PM lays a wreath of flowers at the Amar Jawan Jyothi is the start of the parade. This music just fills me with pride and humility at the same time every year without fail.

Now gallantry awards are presented by the president of India to brave soldiers. Some of them are given posthumously. After this the president takes the salute of the parade, along with a guest from another country.

The marching contingents are also accompanied by the fire power of India, the tanks, guns, and planes are awesome to watch. There are marching contingents from the police, NCC too. The camels of the border security forces add colour to the parade.

Then come the tableaux from all states of India showcasing that state. These are very beautiful. After that come many dance troupes including school children who present their programs.

The best marching band, best marching contingent and best tableaux are given prizes later.

It is a treat to watch the entire parade. I love it!


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  1. Shashi says:

    Amma always watches it. Unfortunately, I have not watched it since many years…at least not fully.
    Great post and Happy Republic Day!


  2. Manju says:

    Good afternoon Meena.
    Republic Day blog was fantastic. Even I love to watch the parade every year and watch it without fail.
    When we were young ,nanangaru used to take us to Rajpath every year. We used to get up early in the morning,get ready. Amma finished cooking also and by 8 we were there. Those days The president and guest used to come on buggy. I remember seeingQueen Elizabeth,Krushchev,Nehru.
    So that Rd facinatioin,is still in me and I don’t miss anything of our proud parade.

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    1. Vani says:

      Wow Akkayya!! How fascinating!! . Dad was there one year and would always share the memories of that day

      Liked by 1 person

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