I got the 25 questions tag from www.thetwinfish.blogspot.in

So here are my answers to the 25 random questions…….


Question 1: do you have any pets?

No. Never had them. Dogs and cats look cute to me from far off.


Question 2: name three things that are physically close to you.

My phone, my spectacles, and latest book that I am reading.
Question 3: what’s the weather like right now?

A bit cloudy and windy.
Question 4: do you drive? If so, have you crashed?

Yes. I do. Here is how much I like to drive. The Joy of Driving. I have not crashed (touch wood), but yeah once I scrapped against the pillar in the basement while parking.
Question 5: what time did you wake up this morning?

My alarm is at 5.10 am. Depending on my work requirement in the morning, I may sleep back and get up by 6 am.
Question 6: when was the last time you showered?

Today morning. (What a stupid question!) I shower everyday, twice in summer.
Question 7: what was the last movie that you saw?

M.S.Dhoni on TV yesterday.
Question 8: what does your last text message say?

I sent a message “Good one” to my sister when she sent me this quote “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful
Question 9: what is your ringtone?

It is called ‘YouthCampus’ in my Panasonic phone
Question 10: have you ever been to a different country?

Yes. To Singapore, Malaysia and United States. (does stop over in germany count?) 😀


Question 11: do you like sushi?

No. No intention too either. I am a vegetarian.


Question 12: where do you buy your groceries?

Local markets. I have 2-3 shops that I generally go to.


Question 13: have you ever taken any medication to help you fall asleep faster?

No. Never.
Question 14: how many siblings do you have?

One sister.


Question 15: do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

Question 16: how old will you be turning on your next birthday?

47. Nearing a half century. It may seem old, but I am young at heart! :D. I am aging gracefully. (even if I say so myself).
Question 17: do you wear contacts or glasses?

No. I am afraid of putting stuff in my eyes. See my spectacles story here. Search for the eternal truth!


Question 18: do you colour your hair?

No. Like I said, I am aging gracefully. Few greys are seen at my forehead these days. They add character to my face. 😀


Question 19: tell me something you are planning to do today.

Well, may be paint a bit. Feeling a bit lazy at the moment.
Question 20: when was the last time you cried?

I cry very easily. Hard to keep count. 😉


Question 21: what is your perfect pizza topping?

Not a big pizza fan. So anything veg is fine.


Question 22: which do you prefer, hamburger or cheeseburger?

Not much of a fan of this either. In fact much less than a pizza. Given a choice I will have a pizza or a sandwich than a burger. I remember that I stuffed my cheeseburger with french fries and had them in Singapore.


Question 23: have you ever had an all-nighter?

Just once. That too only upto 3 am.


Question 24: what is your eye colour?

Question 25: can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coca-Cola?

I like neither. I find the carbon dioxide coming back up my throat a big put off for me to take a soft drink.



That’s it. My tag is complete.