There are so many things to do in this world. Some are hard, some are easy, some are ‘must to’ jobs, some are skippable, some are intersting, some are educative, some require a lot of energy and enthusiasm. But there are a few things that are downright boring.

What is the most boring thing to do? The most mind-numbing, mundane, and zombie-inducing thing in this world.

Give up?

It is the ‘waiting’

  • Waiting for a bus
  • Waiting at the doctor’s office
  • Waiting for the meeting to start
  • Waiting for your order to arrive
  • Waiting for the installation to complete
  • Waiting for the meeting to end
  • Waiting for ……..

Oh! Just about anything.

The sitting around, looking at nothing in particular, getting glassy-eyed, fidgeting in the seat…….

How much entertainment can be extracted from looking at people’s faces or from reading your book, sitting in an uncomfortable chair?

Oh! God! Why can’t everyone keep up timely appointments?

Signing off now…… Still sitting here….. Waiting for my turn to come….. Getting more and more sleepy by the minute…… Writing this blog to keep my eyes open……. Stifling my yawn……