Do you paint?

Even if you don’t, you would have dabbled in colours at school.

I find it fascinating that there are only 3 basic colours, red, blue and yellow. All other colours can be created with these three.

All the visible world that we see is so colourful. Just imagine. All the vivid colours of lavender, orange, peach, magenta, purple, light blues, ochre, umber, brown, green (don’t get me started on green. There is grass green, dark green, moss green, lemon green, light green, ….. endless options) can be simply made by mixing the 3 basic colours.

Start with a basic red and blue. If red is a bit more, then you get a magenta. If blue is a bit more, you get a purple. Mix in a bit of white, the purple becomes dark lavender. More of white, you end up with lilac. Feel free to mix in yellow at any point and you will end up with a lovely colour of unknown name!

Red with yellow, get orange. Blue with yellow, get green. Yellow with white, get pale cream. Red with white, get pink.

Oh! the options are endless.

Pick up a box of acrylic or water colours. Get a paper. Just take a brush. Mix up a few colours.

Put the brush on the paint and simply run it on the paper.

The brush leaves a colour of your creation on the paper. Mix up a few more colours and give your imagination a go.

Painting is therapeutic. It is a stress reliever.

Try it, may be you will end up with a master piece.