The last day of the blogathon is here.

I never thought I would make it here with all 31 days of the blogathon checked!

It is indeed quite an achievement. I am proud of me!

When I was told of this about a month back, I thought I would give it a shot, all the while quite sure I was not going to make it the whole month!

I did not think I would be able to write on a different topic each day. But this exercise proved to me that I can think of something to write each day. Slowly I started to look forward to write something new. I would spend at least some part of the day thinking up topics to write about. Some were discarded right away, some made the cut.

I found that I could write something that other people found interesting, thought provoking or funny! :D. Isn’t that great!!

WordPress provides statistics of the number of people who visit your blog and such other trivia. WordPress tells me that my blog has been visited more in this month than 6 months prior to this blogathon. I found that my blog is  read by people from US, UK, Oman and sometimes Singapore. And of course majority of my readers are from India. I thank all the readers for the encouragement. It motivates me to write more. I hope you will all come back to read what I write. 🙂

I wrote 2 stories and a poem too!

That in itself is a miracle. I never thought that this could ever happen in my life, especially writing a poem. I don’t know if I will be able to do that again, but I would like to think that I can, since I did it at least once!

As the blogathon comes to an end, I make a promise to myself that I will come back frequently to write. It has given me immense pleasure not only to write but also to read other bloggers.

Congrats are also due to all participants of the blogathon. *applause*

See you all soon.