What is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you open your eyes in the morning?

The routine for me is fairly set. First thing I try to remember is the day and date. Once that is recalled, I now try and recall the time when the breakfast and lunches have to be ready. You see, my kids’ college timings are different. Their lunch box requirements are different too. So depending on the day, my morning lunch/breakfast routines can be different.

Then comes the most difficult decisions of the day.

What to make for breakfast?

Do not underestimate this question. Oh No! it is one of the most tough decision to make. There are many factors that have to be weighed. It has to satisfy many different criterion.

  1. The breakfast of the day must not have been made at least 3 days before.
  2. One kid does not like rava idli, while the other loves it. So alternate variety has to be be made for that one.
  3. Husband does not enjoy upma much. He will eat, but will make a face.
  4. The kids love upma.
  5. I like oats upma, but kids will make a face.
  6. Bread is ok with everyone. It will be more liked if made with all toppings of a great sandwich. That needs time.
  7. I do not like Ragi dosa, but kids like it. So I need something else.
  8. Noodles has a few takers only on certain days.

One breakfast that is universally liked is chapati (flat bread made with whole wheat flour). Other well liked dishes are idli and dosa. But these too have to satisfy rule 1.

So you see? The decision is time taking and has to be planned meticulously. 😀

I find deciding the menu of the lunch more simple than the planning for breakfast, Even though lunch has many more dishes and varieties to prepare.

Once the breakfast decision is made, then I get up from the bed and start my day.

How does your day begin?