The dictionary states the meaning of Solitude as the “state or situation of being alone”. The synonyms include “loneliness, remoteness, isolation, seclusion, privacy, desolation, withdrawal”


I firmly believe that being in the state of solitude is not being alone. Being alone gives a sense of not having anyone. From being lonely to being depressed is just a step.

Solitude is much more. It is being happy from within. The sense of contentment and being one with the self and nature itself.

Our Vedas and Upanishads have taught us again and again that the search for happiness outside leads to nothing but unfulfilled longing.

Many a time we feel that happiness will come to us when we reach that goal, or get that promotion, or buy that mansion, or marry that person. But once the goal is reached, the promotion attained, or being owner of the mansion, or being married to that person, the happiness remains for just a fleeting moment, only to disappear and leave behind that old sensation of emptiness.

Real happiness is within. 

It can only come when we look deep inside ourselves in the solitude of the mind.

Sitting is a place of comfort, removing all cares from the mind and taking deep breaths will bring the sense of solitude.

Taking a few minutes in the morning to sit in silence is the best way to be peaceful. Feel the goodness of the nature, feel gratitude to the Lord for the life you have, feel love for every single being of the world.

I get this feeling when I see the waves of the ocean, flower laden tree, mountains, gardens, rainbows and even driving.

I get my solitude in my balcony watching the parrots return to their nest in the evening.

Be one with yourself. Because you are the only one who understands you. Be in solitude.