The leaf is dry, dead long ago,

So is the petal, colour is faded.

The green and the red were vivid once

vibrant, fragrant and vital.


Crumbling at mere touch,

they are unwanted by all.

But to me, they are precious,

preserved for eternity.


Mine to see and touch,

to feel the emotions once again.

Nestled in the diary,

on the date that I first saw them.


They came as a bouquet,

together with all other flowers

Each of them more precious

than the other.


Oh! That I could not save them all!

All of them lost to the world,

Except for these two,

being representative to them all!


The dear friend who gave them,

as a token for the wishes,

gone from my world,

leaving these souvenirs for me.



Moments spent together,

the hikes, and picnics, and the songs,

the campus, the canteen, and the classes

All are recalled.


The petal and the leaf

remain my connection

to recall my student days,

and to feel young again