My dad was a great Astronomy enthusiast. He watched stars and planets, constellations and such like. He taught me a lot. I can identify the planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars at any given point. I can also identify some constellations like Leo, Scorpio, and Polar bear (called saptarishis in Sanskrit).

He had collected a lot of info on Astronomy too. He gave me all his collections. I now have folder full of articles that he had collected from a magazine. This magazine was called “Andhra Prabha”, a popular Telugu magazine. In this weekly magazine, in the year 1981, a long series was published. Written by Mr Kondamudi Hanumantha Rao, this series explored the night sky in detail. My dad read them and followed up by watching the sky for the stars and constellations mentioned in it.

Obviously these are written in Telugu. My dad had always wanted me to translate these from Telugu to English. I have been postponing the task from almost 4 years now. Now that I have started this blog, I feel I can now do the big task. I plan to make this a weekly. One part at a time.

I will start with the first installment on thursday. Every thursday, I hope to be able to keep up this work.

I am sure this will make my dad very happy.


Love you dad and miss you so much. Now I have no one to clarify my doubts. I will have to figure out on my own. Guide me from the sky! 🙂