Every season she wore new clothes,

So did all her mates,

She stood in the sun, showing off

feeling happy and great.


Today she wore light green sari,

with gold and yellow too,

she looked so young,

and fresh too.


Her sari woven with care,

was as delicate as gossamer,

If you reached out and touched,

it looked as though it would be crushed.


All around was green,

as far as eye could see,

Hope for the future,

Beginning of something new.


Spring had come,

bringing sunshine and colour,

Gone were tan and brown,

taking away the chill and frown



All the trees were smiling,

for now all flowers would arrive,

making the world bright,

with colour and fragrance


Spring, the season of new

the season of the start,

Of renewed hope,

Of new rigour and recharge.