So the whole world and his grandfather must have seen the trailer of the most awaited movie of the year. With 29 million views and counting, it is one of the most watched trailers on YouTube.

Unless you have taken to living in the woods like Hillary, you will know what I am talking about.

Baahubali, the conclusion, of course!!! 😀

A movie that has taken 5 years in total to make, and whose first part was a great success all over India and abroad, is the most awaited movie of all times.

This movie comes in two parts. No, not a sequel, but a story that continues over two movies. That itself is a rare thing all over the world. I don’t know of any movie whose story is told in two parts, each in a different movie. The fact that the first one created so much sensation that people eagerly and patiently waited 2 years for the story to continue is another rare event in my opinion.

Though I am a Telugu speaking person, I am not a great Telugu movie fan. I watch movies occasionally only if the reviews are very good and I get good reports all over. But we watched Baahubali, the beginning in the first week of release. That in itself is a rarity in my family. We almost never watch a movie in its first weekend. This happened because of my mother-in-law. She was so interested in the movie, that long before its release, she told us that she wanted to go. So just to make her happy, I booked the tickets in the first weekend of its release. Believe me, getting the tickets was a feat. There was so much unbelievable rush, and I thought, this movie has too much hype. I was wrong, the movie lived up to its hype. Generally I have seen that a movie that has too much hype created before its release does not do well at the box office. It simply falls flat.

It is a fact that the first movie was not as anticipated as the second one. Now the success of the first has made the expectations so high for the second one.

The first movie was such a hit all over India. The fact that a south Indian movie whose dubbed Hindi version made so much business in north India is in itself what history books are made of. The movie is primarily made in Telugu, and dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. Now the whole nation wait eagerly for the second one.

All male south Indian movie stars have had mustaches and sometimes beards. The heroes are not accepted as manly unless there is some facial hair in the southern parts of India and in sharp contrast all Hindi heroes have been clean shaven. I have observed that this concept has been turned on its head after this movie. If not the heroes of the silver screen, but definitely all popular heroes of the Hindi television now sport beards!!!

Coming back to the story of going to the first movie…… My mother-in-law’s enthusiasm for the movie was infectious, and all of us were pepped up.

The movie experience was simply out of this world. It is a movie that must be seen on the big screen.

We came out of the movie transformed and then the wait started. The wait has lasted 2 years. Now the trailer is finally out. The wait has now reduced to about a month. The movie releases on Apr 28 2017.

The main unanswered question of the first movie is the tag line of the second one.

The whole nation wants to know…………


(Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali)


Ooooh! Can’t wait……………………………