I sit with my hot chocolate in the balcony. It is a peaceful evening with the sun setting and beautiful colours in the sky.

As I sip my drink, I have random thoughts. I think of all the people of the world, and how different is each one’s life is. Every single person in this world has different capabilities, education, socio-economic conditions, careers, family situations.

In my mind’s eye, I think God makes a pie chart for each person, giving different amounts of life choices to each person. Someone has more money, someone has more educational degrees, someone has better living conditions, someone has better careers.

Does He have a method in all this? Is it random? Is it all based on karma?

I have no idea.

We all have our pie charts predetermined. We must make the most of it.

After all, all the colours finally merge into white.


Written using the prompt ‘Life of pie’ as a part of the blogathon by BlogARhythm 19 jun 2017