I am sure you all remember the photo of a Syrian child that came out a couple of years back. It has haunted me for a long time now.

I am talking about this one:

syrian child

This is an innocent child of about 4 years of age who thought the lens of a camera was a barrel of a gun about to kill her and put her hands up in surrender.

How does this not break one’s heart?

Can you imagine the horrors this child has seen in her small stint on the Earth to be afraid of anything pointed at her? She mistook a camera for a gun, for God’s sake!

She must have seen more blood and dead bodies than what we see on our crime shows of television. It must have broken her faith in humans for ever.

How will she ever again believe in fairies, or angels or even chocolates? If you hold anything out to her, more times than one, she may be afraid to touch it for the fear it will blow up in her face.

That’s what War does to people.

It just breaks the inner human of every single person into a million pieces forever.

If you look back on the history of mankind from the time history has been written, you will find it filled with wars, some small and some so big that they changed the course of history.

The reasons for the wars may be different but the result of each and every war is the same: Broken children.

We are producing generation after generation of broken humans.

When will we learn?


Written for the prompt “War and Pieces” as a part of BarAThon by BlogARhythm on 23 Jun 2017