Lord of the Files

Yama, Lord of Death, walked into the office. He needed the list for today. Normally, he didn’t have to come to Chitragupta’s office for it. Chitragupta would leave it on his table first thing in the morning. He was never late. So Lord Yama was both curious and concerned as to why Chitragupta did not complete his duty.

Chitragupta was a slight person who looked as if he had too much to do in the smallest amount of time available. Always a bit harried and always a bit distracted. But he was the most efficient worker in the department of Death. Lord Yama could not ask for a better secretary.

He found Chitragupta sitting at his desk with a sulk on his face. His computer was not even switched on! “This is serious”, thought Lord Yama.

“Hello, Chitragupta”, said Yama softly.

Chitragupta looked up and stood up and did not offer any greeting. Clearly he was upset.

“What happened my dear fellow? Not in a mood to bring in new souls in? No client list on my table today?” asked Lord Yama.

“My Lord”, replied Chitragupta. “I have worked for you from ages and ages. Did you ever face any laxity from my side? Did I ever give you a wrong list? Or did you ever have any complaint against me?”

“No, my dear fellow. Why do you ask?”

“Then, why do I not have any designation at all! I am a nobody!”


“Yes. Designation! Everyone in the department here, and in fact everyone in every department has a designation. I am the only one with nothing, even though the department of Death will not be able to function without me.

For example, Varuna is Lord of Water, Agni is Lord of Fire, Manmatha is Lord of Love, Indra in the Lord of Rain etc.

I compile all the karmas, past and present, of all humans. Compute their legitimate time on Earth and make a list everyday of all the people who are due to die and based on their karmas decide whether they go to heaven or hell and a dozen other things.

“Do you know how much of data I manage without a hitch and keep my software updated? I make sure to make your day seemless and easy”

“I know, dear chap”, said Lord Yama. “I totally rely on you for the smooth working of my department”

“Then, my Lord, I need to have a designation.”

“Is that all? Well sure, I think we can think of something. What do you have in mind?”

“My Lord, I would like to be the Lord of the Files!”

“So be it!!”, said Lord Yama.

And everything went back to normal in the Yamaloka!

Written for the prompt “Lord of the Files” as a part of BarAThon by BlogARhythm on 26 Jun 2017





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  1. Ramani Palle says:

    Ha ha! Nice idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Madhu says:

    Meena ,
    Simply superb narration between Yama and Chitragupta !!
    The role of Chitragupta representing how man of today thinks .who lost the virtue of life being selfish and runs after worthless things . These pursuits, cravings drag his mind into the gutter , that is nothing but the file of the Lords. Nice message is hidden in it that by the spirit of merging in One means without any demands in his thoughts, which is moksha , there will be.nothing to do in the file of the Lords .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vani says:

    Ha ha funny😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Shashi says:

    Such a cute and funny story…had a great time reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

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