It was early morning. The beach road was full of morning joggers. There were not many vendors this early. The beach was relatively lonely this time of the day.

She walked some distance on the beach and chose a spot where there was no one around. She sat down in the soft sand of the beach facing the sea. The waves came, hit the shore and went back. Back and forth, back and forth, relentlessly. The energy of the sea seemed inexhaustible. She simply stared ahead.

He too sat down on the sand. His head was bent as if in prayer. He had a bag with him.

You have to do it today”, she said.

Today is the day”, he said. “But I am so scared.

You can’t be afraid anymore. This is what you want.

I know this is what I want so badly. But I have never done anything like this before.

She is your mother. Nothing to be scared of. You just have to tell her before you do it.

Yes, chin up. Let me see if I have everything in order.”, he said and opened his bag.

He took out a cloth. It was folded over. He opened it and touched the different knives lovingly. Some were long, some short but all of them were sharp. They were all knives that were used in the kitchen, each having a different use. He closed up his knife collection. Put it carefully inside his bag and got up.

Time to go now”, he said. He looked at the sea one last time and left.

“All the best. Let’s hope things will turn out for the best”, she said and picked up her purse and left too.

They went different ways:

She, to tell her mom that she would take up fashion designing and not engineering.

He went to join his first job as an intern at the kitchen at the Taj.

Both of them were unknown to one another. Both of them had come to the beach to inspire confidence into themselves before doing something important. They had sat in different parts of the beach telling the sea their decisions.

The sea continued to push the waves one by one on to the shore.