I am back after a long gap of almost 3 weeks to my blog. It is so nice to be back!

The modem had been giving me trouble for almost 2 months now, but 3 weeks back it simply conked out, leaving me high and dry. After looking at a lot of options, I have finally solved my problem and, as I said, I am back!

Social media and internet has become such an important part of our daily lives, that it seems impossible to live without them.

Traditionally, when we touch our elders’ feet for blessing, they say,

Ayur aarogya bhaagya praapthirastu,

vidyaa buddhi praapthirastu,

sakala saubhagya praapthirastu,

sadaa sukhi bhava

This is a Sanskrit saying, which says, “May you have a long, healthy life, may you have good education and intellect, may you have all the prosperity and may you be happy and contented

Now, according to me, this saying should change a bit according to the times that we live in.

Apart from all other blessings, it should include

sarvatra sadaa antarjaalam prapthirasthu

Meaning: May you have internet always and everywhere.

Don’t you think so? ;D