He sat on the park bench, alone, with a scowl on his face. He just had a huge fight with his sister. Just because she is elder by 10 mins, does not make her my boss! Hmph! I will do what I want!

“Come on!”, she said.

She had a tandem cycle.

His eyes sparkled!

“I will ride in the front!”, he said

“No!”, she asserted, “I rented it out, it’s mine! You sit at the back”


“Ok, compromise…… You first for 1/2 hour and then me”

“Yes!”. He punched the air with a fist. He won this round!

“One condition”, she continued, “Say ‘you are my akka*'”

Aaahhh!  She will win this again. But I want to ride first. I will take 5 minutes more, so she will lose.

“Alright!, Akka!”

akka: Elder sister