All of us, at some point or the other, have thought that our childhood was better than now. Isn’t it?

How the rain was much more fun, how the school (even though the walls were faded) was a great place, how the games with friends in the summer was such a blast etc etc.

Every generation remembers its previous ones as more connected, simple and happy. I think my mother’s times were simpler and more fulfilling than mine. Our choices were limited: books, or play outside, or Doordarshan on TV! But still, childhood was better than now! For one thing is true, the food was tastier. There was no choice of buying “organic” product. All products were organic!

My mother thinks her mother’s time was better. I am sure, my grandmother thought her mother’s generation was better.

Don’t get me wrong, not all things now are bad. I love to write my blog. Now that is not possible without the net, right! I also cannot imagine life without the communication links we have today. Truly now the ancient saying is true, vasudhaiva kutumbakam (the world is one family).

But I do have one doubt:

Will our grandkids think that our generation was good?

I am somehow sure they are not going to appreciate the world we are leaving for them. When we now dig up archaeological sites, we are wonder struck by the things we find that the long ago civilisation used.

But when our grandkids will dig up our things, they will find only garbage! Our oceans, our forests, our rivers, our air, our mountains, every single bit of the earth is filled with our filth.

We climb the Everest; leave our empty oxygen tanks there

We go camping in a wood: leave out chip packets buried in the mud

We celebrate festivals: immerse our PoP idols in the sea

We buy new cars: throw the old one into the ocean

We send new satellites into the space: The old ones are still there, spinning the earth. We have no way of bringing back the unused ones. Did you know, our mother Earth has now thousands of artificial junk moons spinning around her?

We burn fossil fuels: leave the smoke out and that has led to climate change

The list is endless.


Grandparents are the best gift to a child.


We are going to be the worst grandparents to all the kids yet to be born.

I am pretty sure of it.