Try this:

Take a mat and lay on it. Make sure the room is full of sunlight. Lay in the balcony or open air, in the shade of course, not under the sun.

Now close your eyes, you will see different colours under your eyelids. Hues of red, blue and green. If you close your eye tighter, the colours change in shades.

In front of your eyes (under the closed lids), do you see a few squiggly things? These can be like a few atoms stringed together like a chain, or a blob of atoms put together. They can be of different shapes.

Now try and concentrate on one of these squiggly figures. They will never remain still, they will move in a downward direction, going out of your eyesight. Bring your eye balls back in their original place, and lo! they squigglies are back! The more you concentrate on them, the more they move.

Now, remove your attention from the squigglies and concentrate on the colour under your lids really hard. The squigglies remain in place without moving.

How interesting, right!

I have had this experience many times. But recently I had an epiphany when I laid down for my savasana during my yoga routine.

We clamour for happiness and contentment all our lives. All our activities, relationships, and everything else is centered around finding happiness. The more we try to catch it, the more it is running away from us.

Stop looking for happiness everywhere. Still your heart and control the breath, find peace within yourself. Lo and behold! you have found happiness right there! The contentment you have now found does not waver and run away from you. As long as you are peaceful, the contentment stays with you. The moment you start your search, the happiness runs away from you again!

The same thing is true with finding God. God is not a form for us to comprehend. The more you look for Him, the more He is elusive. Stop looking for Him and He is there right in front of you, with you, around you and for you.

Do you agree?