I looked down at the candle-light march down the street from my window. The town was honouring the fallen brave hero who stood up against the senseless crime but was killed. I could not join because I had hurt my leg.

My attention was drawn to one side of the crowd below. There stood a few youngsters, a few girls and boys, looking at the marchers. They did not join them. Instead, they stopped a small girl carrying a placard, and posed for photos with her and took a few selfies. They borrowed a candle or two from others and snapped a few more selfies.

The marchers carried on.

The youngsters stood by and got busy on their phones, posting new pics on social media.

Did they even care for the fallen hero?

I shook my head at the #newgen!

Written for the #FFfAW 135

The challenge is to write a story for the photo given in 100-150 words.

Photo credit Elaine Farrignton Johnson

Number of words: 140