One more birthday rolls by.

One more year added to my age.

Today I stop to wonder if I have learnt anything worthwhile so far or have I whiled away my time and continuing to do so.

So today I am listing the my take-aways from my life so far.

  1. Life sorts itself out:
    I have noticed many many times over that things generally sort themselves out without our active intervention. Remember the time we were oh-so-stressed about that project and that deadline? It was resolved quite nicely (even though some issues remained). But ultimately it worked out. Remember that time when we were stuck in traffic and missed that bus? We managed to attend that function anyway.We need not have worried so much.
    Things work out.As Polonius says in Hamlet “There is method in this madness”.

    So don’t stress.

  2. Develop a hobby:
    I have found (a little late in life) that we all need a hobby. It gives you the much needed “me time”. It makes you feel worthwhile and not a robot following a daily routine.A hobby liberates you. Gives you space to be yourself. No pretension, explanation or binding. Just you and your creativity.Find a hobby.
  3. Find people to laugh with:
    Even if it is just one person in the whole wide world, find that person with whom you can laugh with your whole heart. Laughter keeps you healthy, keeps you young and keeps your interest in life going.And when you find that person/persons, keep them close.Relationships need to be nourished.


  4. Life is a blur:
    Though things seem to be so slow at this moment, that it seems like we have nothing to do, life is actually happening so fast. When we look back, we have already gone through so many life experiences. Only things we remember are some moments of each experience.Make time for moments in life.


  5. Bitter truth:
    There is one truth that I have learnt in life. That is, people will remember all things that you did not do for them than all the things you did for them.That’s just how life is! You are doing the same thing to them anyway! 😉

    You can never find happiness from anything or anyone. It is a state of mind to be cultivated. I am still trying to get there.

    Let go of all bitterness!


  6. People leave:
    On the road of life, you will lose people. It is a truth to be accepted. I don’t like this truth, but there it is. So many great people have come and gone. We will also go.The people who were close to you never leave you in spirit.Make sure to do something to live in someone’s heart after you leave.


  7. Don’t compare:
    You are unique and so is your life. Never compare with others. Sometimes you will feel like others are having the time of their lives. Ok, you did not get to travel the world, you did not get to wear expensive clothes, or you did not get a thousand followers on twitter.So what!!Chase your dreams but be grounded too!


  8. Rock on!
    I learnt that music makes the world go round. Life is like an ocean of emotions. Music will help you live through all those emotions. There is a perfect song for every situation. There is so much that music gives to make life easier to live.Find that song that suits you at this point, play your song.Groove to music.
  9. Books are the best:
    And finally, books are indeed best friends. Books grow with you, teach you, jolt you out of your stupor, make you laugh, make you cry, make you strong, take you on a journey and open a window for you to the world.When in doubt, curl up with your favourite book!