I was having far-away thoughts the other day, when I suddenly thought of something unusual.

“What is the last crazy thing I did recently?”

I drew a blank.

I am generally a self-proclaimed “comic”. I am funny, at least according to me, even if nobody else thinks so! ๐Ÿ™‚

My kids sometimes call me “screw loose” for all the antics I do and the songs I sing.

But those don’t qualify as “crazy”.

The last crazy things I did are in my childhood.

My grandmother used to put her mattress out in the sun once in a while. I remember I once sat on this mattress, in the hot sun for a really long time. I sat there without moving a muscle, legs spread out in front of me. Then a fly came by and sat on my leg, I looked at it and started noting its features. Then, slowly others came. In a short period of time, there were at least 50 houseflies sitting on me, basking in the sun. I suppose some were friends because they sat together and caught up on the day’s news! ๐Ÿ™‚

I did not think it was dirty or unhygienic or gross. I just sat there seeing all these flies on me.

This is how my mother found me after some time. I got an earful from her. I got up hurriedly and all my fly friends flew away!

Looking back at that incident, what I did qualifies as “crazy”.

God! What was I thinking! Now, I can’t even imagine doing anything like this. It is grosser than the grossest thing I can think of!!

I remember another crazy thing I did in my childhood. The office that my dad worked for had an officers’ club. Every christmas, they used to organize a christmas themed get together. Once there was a Santa, being played that year by my dad’s friend, Mr. Theodore. He came on to the stage, said a few things and then came among the audience to distribute sweets to the children from his red bag slung on his shoulder. All of us kids were super excited to get sweets from Santa.

But to our horror, Santa came and gave sweets only to the children of Theodore uncle’s bosses who studied in convent schools. I waited patiently for my turn, but that turn never came. Santa turned away. That really angered me. I told my sister to be ready and I fell on Santa and grabbed a handful of toffees from his bag and dropped onto my sister’s lap and ran back for more. Seeing me grabbing, all other children deprived of toffees, joined me and we manhandled Santa! He tried valiantly to hold on to his bag, dress, beard and what not. But. his beard came off and he could no longer hold on to his bag. We grabbed the sweets. I made several rounds between him and my sister. Ha ha!

At the end of the episode, my new blue sweater that my mother made was full of fluff from Santa’s beard!!

These memories have made me realise, that I have lost my “crazy” self somewhere in the process of growing up.

Being an adult is overrated.

Don’t you think so?