Oh God! How he hated her! Really really loathed her.

But there was nothing he could do! She controlled everything, his life, fortune, past, present and future.

He could see her relaxing at the water’s edge. The scene was tranquil. A lone heron in the still waters, few trawlers at the horizon. She owned the whole place. Nothing was his. How he wished it was!

He was more of a servant than the husband she introduced him to people as.He hated that too.

‘Is the drink ready yet?’ She shouted from the hammock.

‘Yes, dear’ he simpered. And walked with a drink on a tray.

No one noticed the fact that he put a small packet back into his pocket as he headed towards her.

No one, except the heron. But what would a heron know?

Written for the #FFfAW 148

The challenge is to write a story for the photo given in 100-150 words. Plus or minus 25 words.

Photo credit: J S Brand

Number of words: 136