“One for sorrow, two for joy, three for letter”

This was the chant she learnt at school. Whenever she or her friends saw a crow that was totally black, this was the chant they said. It was unlucky to see just one. Sighting two crows would bring happiness and three you are sure to get a letter by post. Those were the days when letters came by mail and not e-mails. As a child, Sia believed in this chant with all her innocence. In those days, sorrow would mean getting caught by the teacher for reading a comic in class and joy would be finding a sweet in the lunch box. Simple joys and simple sorrows.

And then she grew up. The joys and sorrows too changed definitions.

Today after all these years, Sia saw this totally black crow sitting on a tree outside her window and the childhood chant came back to memory.

She did not need that single crow to tell her that sorrow was on its way to find her. Sorrow was her constant companion now. Her husband, for whom she cut herself off from everyone, had vanished without a trace, leaving her alone to sort out the mess he made.

Sia looked for two more crows, because she wanted to hope for that letter that was not coming.

Written for Thursday photo prompt by Sue Vincent