Jaya walked on the beach, letting the water reach her feet.

She watched kids and their parents frolic in the water. Some couples just sitting in the sand. Some others were taking a leisurely stroll.

So carefree.

She had to make the decision now. She had a tough choice to make. Once that decision was made she could no longer go back. To speak out or not! Oh! God help me take that step! I am up against the powerful and brutal people!

She looked at the setting Sun. She held out her hand and obscured the Sun with a pinch of her fingers.

Yes, I will do it.

I have written this post to stand with the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaign. I also write for the gymnast survivors who spoke out about their tormentor. I also write for all the silent bravehearts who carry on their personal fights.

Hats off

Written for the #FFfAW 152

The challenge is to write a story for the photo given in 100-150 words. Plus or minus 25 words.

Photo credit: Goroyboy

Number of words: 109