Gundu looked at his team getting ready for the big game today. Gundu loved the game of cricket. He was chosen as the twelfth man for the team. The twelfth  man never played, because he was the “extra”. Gundu’s team did not really make him feel welcome. Gundu was a bit overweight, but he made up for it with his speed in the field. The seniors in the team called him “Ganapa” after the Lord Ganesha who is depicted as overweight. But Gundu did not care. He WAS a part of the team.

“Hey, Ganapa! here is a Ganesha mask for you to wear and do the cheerleader dance for us” said Siddu. Everyone else laughed at Gundu.

The captain looked sternly at Siddu and they all moved off.

“Don’t let them bother you. I want you to play today. Field at the third man position. Tarak cannot play today.”

Gundu’s agility won the team the trophy!

“Ganapa” was carried on the shoulders of the team members that day.

Written for the #FFfAW 154

The challenge is to write a story for the photo given in 100-150 words. Plus or minus 25 words.

Photo credit: Lavanya

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