Picnic over, we were packing up.

“Kids, collect all the trash, we can’t leave it here.” I said.

“That was a great picnic, thanks mom, thanks dad” said my 7 year old.

“You are welcome, sweetie” I smiled.

“Yesterday night was the best. The bonfire, the stories, everything”, said the 9 year old.

“Look, ma! the bonfire is still going strong”

“Beat it out, we can’t leave embers here” I said.

“Why, it will die out anyway” asked my kids.

“No boys, even a small ember can start a fire and burn out the forest.” I replied.

We beat out the fire with our shoes and left the place.

Before leaving, I turned back to see if we had not left anything behind.

I failed to see a small bit of the ember still going strong under the leaves.

There was a light breeze picking up as we left.

Written for the #FFfAW 158

The challenge is to write a story for the photo given in 100-150 words. Plus or minus 25 words.

Photo credit: Enisa

Number of words: 147