I was always a secret invisible person. No one knew about me. But I have been through every adventure that they have been in . I was 6th cousin in Famous Five and also 6th find-outer in Five Find-Outers. I was the 8th friend in Secret Seven. I was the 5th in the Adventurous four. I was a part of the Adventures Series. But, they had no idea.

I too have lived these adventures and mysteries as much as they did. I have stayed in caves, crawled through tunnels, ran away in caravans, lived on islands, fought bad men, slept in tents and sailed on ships.


He he!

Let me explain!

I grew up without friends.

Let me rephrase that. I grew up without human friends.

My friends, as I grew up were the books, specifically, I loved the books by Enid Blyton. I have read, no, let me rephrase again, I devoured the books with adventures where the heroes were kids.

I wanted to be one of them and I was too.

I did everything that these kids did. I put up a tent in our back yard and lived there for a week, I cycled the entire day looking for mysterious men, I even built a tree house with my dad and stayed there every afternoon.

My only regret was I never lived in a cave like my friends.

Now, I have “grown-up”, and like any “responsible” adult, I have a job.

But, I still crave for adventures. So I built myself this “cave-library” in a corner of my garden.

Great, isn’t it? Welcome to my haven.

Written for Thursday photo prompt by Sue Vincent