Are you all at sea

To define India as you see?

It does not take a lot, you see

It only needs the two C’s


We love our movies,

Yes we do,

We love our Cricket

equally too.


The “men in blue”

and now women too

We adore them and

they know we do!


We are also movie mad,

we watch them all

for the stars, for sometimes

the story matters none at all


We look up to them, our idols

The aspirations of young minds

The glamour, the glitter, the lights, the fame

Be it the screen or the game


What they say and What they do

What they wear and Oh! the hairdo!

We follow them as they lead

Just like the lamb of Mary did


They sell us talc, they sell us soap

They tell us to what to buyΒ and how to shop

We do that all, coz, you know what?

Didn’t you know, they are our God!


Our dads and moms,

and their parents too,

had their stars

and loved them too


Groups of kids and their dads,

gather on the road, tie up the pads,

Traffic? no stopping the wicket!

We are mad about cricket!


Every movie sets the trend,

Each song and every dance,

We prance to the music

at every chance


Be it wedding or romance,

Bollywood tell us how to dance,

Our idols tell the whole nation,

all the latest in fashion.


From times gone by and

for times yet to come

we Indians will always be

under the two C’s thumb!