Dance and Music are the soul of India.

Every occasion, be it happy or sad, a celebration or a lonely day, has a song for it. In every language that India speaks in, there are songs that have been sung for generations.

The dances forms of India are numerous and varied too. These forms of dance have existed from ancient times and are practised till date and hopefully for many more generations to come.

There are many forms of classical dances and different styles of music in India. Sometimes they are identified by the regions of India that they are most popular in.

Lord Shiva in his nataraja form is the original cosmic dancer of the universe. It is believed that the world we see is His dance.

I will give you a brief listing of the different classical dance forms styles of India.

Classical Style State
Kathakali Kerala
Kathak North India
Bharatanatyam Tamilnadu, Karnataka
Kuchipudi Andhra Pradesh, Telangana
Manipuri Manipur
Odisi Odisha

Apart from these classical forms of dance, every region of India, in every state there are folk dances that are both unique and beautiful. They are too numerous to list.

What can I say? We love to dance!


Classical music in India are of two types, Hindustani and Carnatic. Hindustani classical style is more popular in north India, while Carnatic is more popular in the south.

Most of the songs in the classical format are in praise of the Lord. The devotional music is sung in concerts, celebrations, temples, and festivals too. The music coupled with the lyrics moves the heart and soul of all listeners.

Just like folk dances, there are many many forms of folk music too, each specific to the region.


Apart from all these, there are many traditional and folk musical instruments that are used in India. They are a variety of percussion, stringed, and wind instruments, each with its own unique and distinct sound.


Come, explore Indian music. It will always leave you wanting more.