One person you can never escape in India is the Next Door Aunty/Uncle! The dreaded NDA/U!!

I am using the pronoun “She” for NDA/U. It can very well be a “He” too. Read interchangeably.

She will find you. There is no hiding from her!

Some may lurk behind doors and watch you come and go. Some may simply say hello to you in the elevator. And some are always to be found at your doorstep every single time you come out.

Invariably all of these will know everything about you!

They will know where you work, how you travel, who your friends are, what food you like and even if your parents love you! They know all your insecurities, allergies, and even your shoe size!

Am I exaggerating? Maybe! But you can never be sure how much the NDA/U knows about you.

How do they know all this, you may ask. I have no idea. May be there is a secret school they go to, who knows?

I think, it is all a matter of being interested in others’ stuff. To be able to question What, Why, Where, When, and How is the key to be a great NDA/U. A great imagination and being able to add 2 and 2 and make it a 5 is also important.

When she first meets you, she will be the sweetest thing on this earth. She will tell you her name and ask you yours. She will smile. A few simple questions and Bam! she knows all about you!

Amazing right?

She can read between your smiles. SheΒ  will judge you for the clothes you wear and the garbage your throw out.

Do you want to know how to get better at her?

Learn to beat her at her game! First thingΒ  is: Don’t be intimidated by her. Next give her contradicting answers and conflicting views. Go out dressed to the nines one day and shabby the next. Make food at home and throw out vegetable and fruit peels for a week and then order food for the next! That will throw her off the scent! She won’t know what is happening in your life. She will be confused!!!

Because after all, for all NDA/Us your life is more interesting than their own!