Five and half metres length and 1.2 metres in width of unstitched cloth.

The weaves of dreams.

The Sari.

The beauty of the sari is embodied by the woman who wears it.

The Sari is a lover of women. She may be sleek or plump or tall or short or lanky or size 0. She may be awkward, geeky, graceful or stiff. The sari drapes her with love and hugs all her curves, covers all her flaws and enhances her beauty.

Sari with its myriad of colours, patterns, textures and weaves is the most beautiful garment to be worn by any woman.

Feeling chilly? wrap the palla of your sari around and tuck in all the pleats, you will be warm as toast.

Feeling hot? Sari is quite breezy.

Drizzling? Cover your head with the palla.

Sari is the most versatile piece of garment.

There are many ways of draping a sari. Each as distinct as beautiful.

India is a treasure house of handloom weaves. These are in materials like silks, cottons, jute. There are many different weaves too. I had written a post long ago about India’s handlooms. Read it here.

The sari is worn with a matching blouse. The variety of designs for the blouses is matched with the variety of the saris itself.

Our grandmothers and mothers have worn saris everyday. We too wear it frequently.

Nowadays we are spoilt for choices in dresses. But the allure of a sari remains as fresh as ever. Every young girl is as excited to wear a sari as her grandmother was.

Let the beauty continue.