India is a land of wonders. A tourist is spoiled for choices. There are of course quite a few popular spots that are always in an itinerary. But there are quite a few unexplored, little known quiet corners of India that are so unique and special that it is a pity they get easily missed out.

Presenting to you just three such places that I hope you will include in your next trip. Believe me these are just three of the vast number of such quaint places to be found in every corner of my beautiful country.

Manipur, one of the seven beautiful north-east states of India. There is greenery everywhere. Manipur is surrounded by blueish green hills with carpets of flowers, lakes and fast flowing springs. The folk arts and culture will move you. Handlooms and handicrafts of Manipur are unique.

Apart from all the places that may be in your Manipur circuit, include……..

loktak lake.png

Andhra Pradesh: What does the name conjure in your mind? Let me try…..

A state in the south of India. Very hot in the summer. Beautiful coastline. Bustling cities. Temples. Flowers in the hair. Spicy food. Right?

Wrong! Think again!!

Presenting to you……….


Andaman and Nicobar islands: in the Bay of Bengal is a union territory of India. It is a group of islands. The capital is Port Blair. Some islands of Andaman are home to Sentinelese people, a nomadic tribe who have not been contacted by anyone.

The islands of Andaman and Nicobar are a tourists paradise. There is snorkeling, parasailing and so much more to do.

Your next visit must include……….

havelock island