India is full of problems. Poverty, hunger, unemployment, homelessness. The list just goes on.

So what makes India work? Have you ever wondered?

For my part, I love my India. (A little cliche and filmy, but true)

I will now list my reasons for my love.

  • Everything is familiar.
    • I know people may say that if you stay long enough anywhere the familiarity will develop. But, this is familiarity of finding yourself at home everywhere you go. Familiarity of food, of likes and dislikes, of language, of dress code, oh! and all manner of things. It is like a pair of old and comfortable pajamas!
  • Family is near
    • In hour of need, your family is just a train, bus or flight away. No need for visas and permits and tickets and stuff. I know personally of cases where kids could not be there for their parents in their hour of need and vice versa. When family is far away, the loneliness slowly ebbs away at life. Even though in this age of social media where everyone is just a click away, the value of touch, a hug, a kiss can never be underestimated. Sometimes you just need more than an image and a voice of a loved one to tide over a problem. Don’t you agree?
  • A damn good working Democracy
    • Oh! No! don’t underestimate this at all. Look around you. Take a hard look at all the countries of the world. How many countries can you find where there is freedom like what we can find here? There is no doubt that democracy of India has more than its share of problems. But they do not make life difficult for day to day existence. We can still get along happily with our lives, albeit with minor adjustments.
  • Spoilt for choices
    • Indians are spoilt for choices in every aspect of life. Think about it. Clothes, music, faith and religion, entertainment, TV shows. You name it and there will be a choice for you to choose from. Take food for example. Every state’s cuisine is different. The varieties of fine dining to street food is mind boggling.
  • Resilience
    • We are super resilient! Throw us a curve ball and we will find a way to get over. Let me give you an example. India went through process of demonetization. Now I am not talking about whether it was a good move or not. I am just focusing on how the people of India took it. Yes, we were taken aback. Yes, there was cash crunch, Yes, we stood in long queues to get our new notes. But by and large, the whole process went off smoothly. Consider the size of India’s landmass and its population. Such a move in any other country could not be as smooth. We are stoic and resilient. Yes sir.
  • Tourism
    • India’s topography includes high mountains, a long coastline,  deserts, islands,  forests, wetlands, backwaters and river plains. Your travel destinations can range from hill stations, to beaches, to trekking, and of course pilgrimages.
  • Steeped in tradition and enriched in culture
    • Every village, every city has something to offer in terms of traditions and each one different. There is a sthalapurana (local history) to every temple. In some way or the other they all connect inherently to the age-old Ramayana or Mahabharata. One place will be where Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, another will be where Hanuman met Rama and yet another will be where Bhishma slept on the bed of arrows! (I hope you are familiar with both the epics I am talking about!)
  • Jugaad
    • Loosely translated, Jugaad means low-cost solution to any problem at hand using minimum effort and maximum ingenuity. We, Indians are very very adept at this! LOL. We are best at this “Reduce, recycle and reuse” thing that the world is now obsessed with! We can make do with anything. We don’t throw away anything without extracting its full utility.
  • Underlying string of oneness
    • One thing I love about my India is, however different we may think or look or talk or believe, we all are bound by an invisible string. What this is, I can’t pinpoint and say exactly. But I do feel connected to the next person and I think everyone feels the same. It is always possible to drop in to your neighbour’s house without prior appointment and ask for a cup of sugar or a cup of coffee. That freedom is something to cherish.

Don’t you agree? Anything more to add to the list?

Problems are many but the plus points outweigh the minuses.