Have you ever seen the sitcom “The Middle”? It ran for 9 seasons and concluded in 2018. It is story of Heck Family. There are Mike and Frankie Heck, the parents and Axl, Sue and Brick, the kids. The series follows the family though their struggles of parenting, teenage issues, middle class issues and everything in between.

In one of the episodes, Frankie gets frustrated by her kids who demand her attention all the time and decides to dedicate 1 hour a day to them. During that time she promises to hear all about their problems, concerns and issues.

The rest of the time, Frankie feels free to do her own thing. She realises that she is able to remember lyrics of old songs and such other sundry stuff for which she had never had time.

(Needless to say, she goes back to her old ways!)

That set me thinking.

Parenting is such a 24/7 job. It is open all hours of the day! 

I speak both as a child and as a parent.

Even when I have grownup now, I still have the need of the support of my parents at certain times of my life. At those times, I really wouldn’t care if it was night or day. I just pick up the phone and call.

As a parent too, I find my kids seem to need me for things ranging from mundane to life-altering! There is no let up. You may think that when kids are babies or toddlers they demand most attention. No Sir! babies, toddlers, school kids, teenagers, young adults, ….. you get the drift. At every stage of life there are challenges and concerns that need the parents’ support, albeit it can be different at different times. The support can be just “I am there for you” or “Don’t worry” or just being there.

The parenting shop has to be open 24 hours!

What say?

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