When my second daughter chose to do commerce stream in +2 I was very very happy. No, not because she was following what she liked (well, in a way that too) but mostly because she was getting away from science. Believe me when I say she was (and still not is)  not a science person. She dreads the subject. I don’t think she is afraid of it, but only that she does not “get” it.

I had told her that she would have to go through maths and science till 10th and then she can say goodbye to them. I know I had a lot of difficulty in teaching her those subjects. She would not go for tutions. I was her teacher. I tried a lot to make it interesting but she could not fathom the formulas and theorems. The experiments and results went over her head. No amount of stories or imagination made the atoms, acids, electricity or planets made her interested in them.

Anyway to cut the long story short, we both managed to complete 10th in a great way. She got reasonable grades in both science and maths. So we celebrated. 🙂

Now, at the start of +1, in the commerce stream, she had to choose 4 main subjects along with 2 languages. Three main subjects were a breeze. She found them interesting. The fourth subject was optional. The college we chose offered a choice between “Basic Mathematics” and “Computer Science”. Ahhh! Stalemate again.

Now we had to choose a lesser of two evils.

Mathematics drove her crazy. So she went with Computer Science.

We struggled through 2 years of CS. My god! How I worried and worried! I have lost count of how many times she and I have fights for this. I would tell her to study and she would postpone to the last minute. Argh!

I helped her by-heart all the practical questions. Made her write and rewrite, tell and re-tell. We went through this cycle over and over.

The theory was a challenge too. My elder daughter took up the responsibility of teaching her. Both of them had a tough time with it. The teacher taught and taught again. But the student found no salvation. It was always Greek and Latin for her. There was one chapter on Constructors and Destructors that i remember so well.  My elder one says “I got destroyed, but nothing got constructed in her head!” LOL!

But all is well that ends well, says Shakespeare. She secured full marks in practicals and decent ones in theory, so overall she secured a first class in CS.

Boy! were we happy. She and I did a small dance holding each other. That must count as one of the most happy moments of my life!

Written for the July BarAThon 2018.

Today’s prompt is : Lesser of two evils

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