In Panchatantra, there is a story of a frog who lives in a well. Its entire world is limited to the well. It does not know anything beyond the well. When another frog falls down into the well one day, our friend comes to know about another whole universe beyond the well.

We all are that frog, though we may not be so ignorant about the whole world. But we all do operate from within our limitations. There are boundaries to our world. We live within those four walls. No one is perfect in every way. That includes me.

I too am bound by my mental boundaries. Today I shall share with you four corners of my world.

  • I will go ahead and admit it: I am a lazy person! I will postpone something till it can no longer be postponed! I would love to curl up with a good book and expect meals at the right times to be delivered to me. But alas! I am a mother, so meals are expected to the delivered by me to others! (Sigh!)
  • I am not a risk taker. I am very happy in my comfort zone. Sheldon (from the sitcom the big bang theory) in one episode responds to a comment that he does not get out of his comfort zone saying “Why should I? It is called comfort zone for a reason!

    That is a dialogue after my philosophy in life. 😀
    There are so many people who do so many great things life bungee jumping, climbing the Everest and such. I admire them and applaud them from the sidelines. I would not want to risk such ventures. The only “brave” thing I have done in my life is go in one of those crazy rides that hang you upside down. I count that as my one risk so far. I wouldn’t do it now at all! No, sir.

  • My daughters will tell you that I am a worrier. Not that I worry all the time for everything, but sometimes I do worry for tiny things. I know this trait of mine will affect my health. So this is one boundary that I want to get over.
  • I loathe self-help books, positively detest them. I can never EVER finish a self-help book. In fact, even a couple of chapters is a big bore for me. I can never understand these books.  “Do this, and your problem is solved.“. “This method will help you sell stuff“. “We guarantee that this will help you get friends“, these books scream. I disagree. How can there be a ram-baan idea for every issue?

    I am always happy with my own opinion

Written for the July BarAThon 2018.

Today’s prompt is : Four corners of the world

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